Advocacy offers families a collaborative approach to work with their school district. Barger & Gaines is proud to offer this option to families of children with special needs.

Families may not require legal assistance to obtain appropriate services for their children, but rather the support of a Special Education Advocate.  Our Special Education Advocate will meet with you to discuss your case and determine if advocacy is the right approach for your family.  Advocacy involves working with the school district in a collaborative manner in an effort to secure an appropriate program and services.

We listen to your concerns, discuss various options, provide an in-depth review of your child’s educational records, prepare a plan for school district meetings, accompany you to meetings to assist in effectively communicating and negotiating with your school district, and monitor whether your child’s plan is implemented properly.

Each child eligible for special education and related services is entitled to receive an appropriate program and services.  Providing advocacy through our firm also allows the family to seamlessly transition from working with an advocate to working with our attorneys in the event of a dispute.  Our attorneys and advocate always work as a team.

You do not need to navigate this complex process alone.  We are here to support you and your child from birth through transition from high school.