Areas of Practice

Barger & Gaines’ primary service is to represent children to secure appropriate services. The attorneys at Barger & Gaines have extensive experience in education law and in handling a variety of matters, including, but not limited to, special education law, bullying, student discipline, discrimination, tenure, guardianship and special needs planning. Our areas of practice include:


Special Education Law

Students with disabilities are entitled to a free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). For some students, this means placement in programs within the public school. For other students, this means placement within private out-of-district special education schools.



Bullying is particularly prevalent in schools, and now all 50 states have anti-bullying laws in place to protect students. Barger & Gaines works closely with families to help children impacted by bullying and to take the steps necessary to help students feel safe in school.



Guardianship is an important legal protection for children with special needs – even after they reach the age of majority. Barger & Gaines will file your Guardianship application at the right time to help ensure guardianship transitions seamlessly from childhood to adulthood.


Private Schools

Private schools and charter schools face a host of unique legal issues, including labor and employment matters, tuition disputes, and compliance with numerous federal, state and local statutes and regulations. Barger & Gaines has experience in assisting private schools and charter schools in all legal matters.


Barger & Gaines has extensive experience representing students facing disciplinary action at school. We offer a comprehensive level of representation from the time the student faces discipline, through suspension hearings, manifestation determination reviews, placements and appeals.


Criminal Law

Barger & Gaines attorneys have extensive criminal defense experience representing children and adults at the earliest stages of police investigation, through arrest and arraignment, grand jury and motion practice, and through trial.


Employment Discrimination

Discrimination has no place at work or at school, but, unfortunately, it happens all too frequently. Barger & Gaines can help you understand and protect your rights.


Real Estate

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including purchases, sales and refinancing of real property, cooperative apartments and condominiums.

Involuntary Commitment

Many families have members diagnosed with mental illness. It may be difficult to discuss issues or help a person with mental illness and you may wonder whether there is anything you can do. Our experienced attorneys can help guide you in assisting a person with mental illness.



An advocate provides families support and guidance in navigating the special education process from preschool through graduation or age 21, and at all points in between. Advocacy offers families a collaborative approach to work with their school district.


Estate Planning

All families need to plan for the future, and it is essential to have a proper estate plan in place, not only to protect assets, but to make sure those assets are distributed in the manner you desire.


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